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    15+ Years of Experience
    in cleaning, repair or installation for eavestrough and gutter in Toronto

    Solid Eavestrough has been the trusted and dependable service for residents in the Toronto city for over 15 yrs. We always go above and beyond to ensure the job gets done right the first time every time. Our service is perfect for residential and commercial clientele. We are covering the following services:

    • Eavestrough Cleaning
    • Eavestrough Repair
    • Eavestrough Replacement & Installation
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Gutter Repair
    • Gutter Replacement & Installation
    • Gutter Guard Installation
    • Downspout Repair
    • Downspout Replacement & Installation
    • Downspout Disconnection
    • Ivy Removal

    Work with the best eavestrough & gutter service in the Toronto city today!

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    eavestrough repair near me cost Solid Eavestrough

    Eavestrough Repair Toronto

    Are your eaves clogging, leaking, or sagging and need fixing? We will help you determine how to repair it correctly.

    • Fix leaky eavestrough corner
    • Fix leaking eavestrough joints
    • Fix eavestrough drip
    • Fix eavestrough leaking at seams
    • Fix hole in eavestrough
    • Soffit repair
    • Fascia repair

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    gutter repair Solid Eavestrough

    Gutter Repair Toronto

    Is your gutter leaking, rusted, bent, or has loose joints? Get it fixed properly with the trusted local gutter repair Toronto contractors so it won’t be an ongoing problem for your home.

    • Gutter leak repair
    • Rain gutter repair
    • Roof gutter repair
    • Fixing gutter patch
    • Gutter fixing specialists

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    downspout repair contractors Toronto Solid Eavestrough

    Downspout Repair Service

    Our specialized downspout repair service is designed to restore your entire system & protect your home from the devastating effects of rainwater. Looking for downspout repair near you? Contact us today.

    • Fix downspout drainage
    • Fix downspout leaking at joint
    • Fix downspout leaking at seam
    • Downspout drain pipe repair
    • Clogged downspout repair
    • Patch & repair hole in downspout
    • Reattach downspout

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    eavestrough replacement installation near me cost Solid Eavestrough

    Eavestrough Replacement & Installation Toronto

    Are your eaves & gutters damaged beyond repair? We will install new seamless eaves, soffits, and fascia for you in Toronto city & the surrounding area. Our eavestrough contractors have the knowledge, expertise, and proper tools to complete the job for you.

    • Estimate eavestrough replacement cost
    • Aluminum eavestrough installation
    • Seamless eavestrough installation
    • Soffit fascia replacement

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    gutter installation service Solid Eavestrough

    Gutter Replacement & Installation Service

    Need your gutter replaced or need help installing a new one? We have the right tools and knowledge to do it right the first time. Make sure to ask us how we can improve your rainwater system beforehand. Fill out the “Get a FREE Estimate” form to find out today.

    • Rain gutter replacement
    • Roof gutter replacement
    • Fascia and soffit replacement
    • Rain gutter installation
    • Gutter installation service
    • Seamless gutter installation
    • Roof gutter installation
    • Aluminum gutter installation
    • Home gutter installation
    • New gutter installation

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    gutter guards covers installation service Solid Eavestrough

    Gutter Guard Installation Service

    Do you want to clean your gutter less often? Do you want to save time and money? We will help install a proper gutter guard on top of your existing gutter, which will be much easier and faster to clean.

    • Gutter cover installation
    • Gutter screen installation
    • Gutter filter installation
    • Gutter shield installation
    • Gutter protection installation
    • Leaf stopper installation
    • Leaf guard installation

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    downspout installation contractors Solid Eavestrough

    Downspout Installation Service

    Get quick and reliable downspout installation services from our contractors. We provide a service warranty and won’t leave your house until you are 100% completely happy with the job.

    • Install new downspout
    • Downspout drain pipe installation
    • Downspout extension installation
    • Installing downspout drain lines
    • Installing downspout on gutter
    • Attaching downspout extension

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    downspout disconnection contractors Solid Eavestrough

    Downspout Disconnection Service

    Get your downspout disconnected the right way to prevent water damage in your basement & foundation. Also, it helps prevent flooding in your whole neighbourhood.

    • Downspout disconnect specialist

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    eavestrough cleaning near me cost Solid Eavestrough

    Eavestrough Cleaning Toronto

    Our eavestrough cleaning specialist service removes all debris built up over the months. This will prevent blockages and clogs that cause water damage and cost you thousands of dollars to fix over time.

    • Cleaning clogged eavestrough
    • Cleaning aluminum eavestrough
    • Cleaning eavestroughs from the ground
    • Eavestrough maintenance
    • Prevent clogged eavestrough

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    gutter cleaning service Solid Eavestrough

    Gutter Cleaning Toronto

    Free your gutter from clogs that can cause water damage. We will make sure everything is clean and working properly. No chance of rusting or overflow of water on your roof.

    • Residential gutter cleaning
    • Commercial gutter cleaning
    • Industrial gutter cleaning
    • Blocked gutter downpipe cleaning
    • Clogged gutter drain cleaning
    • Gutter guard cleaning
    • gutter blockage removal

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    ivy removal Toronto service Solid Eavestrough

    Ivy removal Service

    Are you sick and tired of watching the ivy destroying your wall? Use our removal service to remove them correctly and prevent your wall from further damage.

    • Professional ivy removal
    • ivy removal company

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    Why Choose Us

    Work Quality

    We are highly trained and fully insured to get the job professionally done to your satisfaction. Our work is not be completed until you are happy.

    Expert Service

    We have the expertise & the equipment to handle the most challenging jobs. Your eaves problems will be taken care of thoroughly & quickly.

    Competitive Pricing

    You will get quality & professional service for a very competitive cost. Ask us about the discount for repeat customers or their friends & relatives.

    Toronto Eavestrough & Gutter Gallery

    blocked eavestrough repair work by Solid Eavestrough
    broken downspout need repair by Solid Eavestrough
    broken eavestrough hanging on the side of client home by Solid Eavestrough
    cleaning eavestrough for client home by Solid Eavestrough
    cleaning eavestrough that clogged by Solid Eavestrough
    cleaning eavestrough that has guard by Solid Eavestrough
    cleaning gutter guard by Solid Eavestrough
    cleaning roof gutter by Solid Eavestrough
    client gutter after cleaning by Solid Eavestrough
    clogged downspout cleaning by Solid Eavestrough
    corner eavestrough repair for home by Solid Eavestrough
    downspout clogged by Solid Eavestrough
    downspout disconnect work by Solid Eavestrough
    downspout repair by Solid Eavestrough
    downspout replacement service by Solid Eavestrough
    eavestrough leaf guard installed by Solid Eavestrough
    eavestrough repair work by Solid Eavestrough
    finished cleaning eavestrough and downspout at client house by Solid Eavestrough
    fix broken gutter sagging by Solid Eavestrough
    fixing broken eavestrough by Solid Eavestrough
    gutter cleaning work by Solid Eavestrough
    house eavestrough cleaning by Solid Eavestrough
    ice blockage downspout by Solid Eavestrough
    installing new downspout by Solid Eavestrough
    installing new gutter guard by Solid Eavestrough
    ivy removal service for client home by Solid Eavestrough
    adding new downspout by Solid Eavestrough
    roof eavestrough cleaning by Solid Eavestrough
    roof eavestrough repair work by Solid Eavestrough
    new eavestrough guard in place by Solid Eavestrough
    new eavestrough installation by Solid Eavestrough
    new eavestrough replacement work by Solid Eavestrough
    new gutter guard by Solid Eavestrough
    new gutter guard install by Solid Eavestrough
    removing ivy from brick wall by Solid Eavestrough
    repaired gutter by Solid Eavestrough
    repair the corner for eavestrough by Solid Eavestrough
    replacing new eavestrough by Solid Eavestrough

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    Hear From Our Past Clients

    Yaron is the best! I’ve hired him five times now: twice to trim a tree and once to repair the galvanized eaves on my cottage. I am so impressed by Yaron’s willingness to take on jobs that other larger companies are not willing to take by. He is very honest, reliable, and works very efficiently. I highly recommend him to anyone.

    Liron Hen - ★★★★★

    Yaron came same day to fix several areas of my eavestrough that were coming apart. He was responsive to my request, gave an accurate and very reasonable quote and did great work same day and on the price agreed to! He is also a very personable, friendly and professional. Would recommend 100%.

    Robert and Matthew D'Addario - ★★★★★

    Yaron did a great job and I would highly recommend him – was quick, reliable, and went the extra mile on my place.

    Max M - ★★★★★

    Yaron immediately responded to my service request and provided excellent advice about a tricky downspout issue. I believe that many a company may have proposed more costly and less durable solutions. In addition, he was a delight to work with, very personable.

    Joanne Knutson - ★★★★★

    Yaron came over today to repair one downpipe and to extend another downpipe. I am very pleased with his work and am no longer stressed about water being directed towards the house. Yaron’s quote was very reasonable and he worked within my budget without any judgment. I was at ease communicating with Yaron and I didn’t feel pressured to do any unnecessary work.

    David Gubatan - ★★★★★

    The Solid Eavestrough team was excellent! After confirming, they arrived promptly, did an excellent job with the eavestroughs and cleaned up. Yaron stopped by after the job was done to make sure everything was in order and answered questions about maintenance as well. Highly recommend.

    Magda Gardner - ★★★★★

    I highly recommend Solid Eavestrough to anyone looking for quality work and reliability . Yaron is very professional and delivers exceptional work. Thank you for your services and I will definitely use them again as needed.

    Anna Marie Astrella - ★★★★★

    After the intense May 2022 storm the eavestrough on our home had become loose and needed to be remounted. Many companies would not even come to see the job unless we were replacing the eavestrough for the whole home. Solid Eavestrough repaired the eavestrough at a fair cost. Yaron was responsive to our request for work and communicated the options available and costs of work clearly. He was trust worthy and provided excellent quality work, even going above and beyond what he was there to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Jonathan De Iuliis - ★★★★★

    Gutter Repair – Yaron was responsive and called me back the same day after I submitted a request for a quote on his website. He told me he would be able to come out in two days to repair my gutter and to send him some pictures. My gutter at that point was being held up by two or three screws, and once he saw the pictures he called me back and said he would come the same day to repair it. He was concerned that the gutter would fall off before he could repair it and said the charge would be a lot higher if it fell off and a new gutter installation was required. I totally appreciated that because you don’t find that type of concern in a lot of contractors and in the end the cost was very reasonable. He put the screws back in and installed the brackets and even reattached my downspout that had become unattached. I would highly recommend Solid Eavestrough!

    Jeannine Casey - ★★★★★

    I completely love Yaron! He is honest, reliable, attentive, and skilled at his profession. Every positive review on this page about him is 100% accurate. I extremely recommend him.

    Diana Da Silva - ★★★★★

    Very happy with Yaron’s work. I had a blockage in one of my eavestroughs and he came out the same day to fix it. He also checked out the rest of the eavestroughs and cleaned them. He was polite and professional and I would recommend for your next job.

    Rick Bernard - ★★★★★

    Yaron is the best! I’ve hired him three times now: twice to trim the ivy and once to repair the galvanized eaves on my heritage home. I am so impressed by Yaron’s willingness to take on jobs that other larger companies are bewildered by. He is very honest, reliable, and works very efficiently. I highly recommend hiring him.

    Kate Wivell - ★★★★★

    I contacted Soild Eavesthrough to repair my gutters as I noticed they were leaking in various areas. Yaronn responded in short order and provided a very fair quote. He repaired and cleaned my gutters efficiently, took the time to thoroughly explain the repairs he did, and even sent my pictures of the work. No more leaky gutters! Thanks Yaronn!

    Nick Colella - ★★★★★

    We recently had a flooding on our deck due to a downspouts being backed up. Adena came by about 1 hour after I called, dismantled a portion of the deck to access and clear the blockage. The problem, improper length screws used by the previous owner. He then cleared the blockage, installed the proper length screws and flushed the system to ensure it worked. We also talked about how to maintain things in the future to ensure to ensure it doesn’t happen again which will save me money and time and gives me peace of mind! This level of professionalism is hard to find and worth the cost.

    Shigeo Katsura - ★★★★★

    Yaron was polite, informative and friendly. He knew his business and gave us good advice to avoid future problems with our eaves.

    Allison Godfrey - ★★★★★

    Yaron and the team at Solid Eavestrough are excellent. Dealt with Yaron specifically to clear a block in my Eavestroughs and he’s fantastic in the work he does. Attention to detail and no question pushes to do the job right. Hardworking, honest, fair and of course great quality work. Yaron provided helpful maintenance and monitoring tips to extend the lifespan of my existing Eavestroughs too so it’s not just about money. Felt like he really wanted to help. Honest guy, honest company and highly recommended.

    Kasia & Aaron - ★★★★★

    Yaron and the team at Solid Eavestrough are excellent. Dealt with Yaron specifically to clear a block in my Eavestroughs and he’s fantastic in the work he does. Attention to detail and no question pushes to do the job right. Hardworking, honest, fair and of course great quality work. Yaron provided helpful maintenance and monitoring tips to extend the lifespan of my existing Eavestroughs too so it’s not just about money. Felt like he really wanted to help. Honest guy, honest company and highly recommended.

    Kasia & Aaron - ★★★★★

    I came across Yaron for gutter cleaning, and he recommended gutter guards based on the tree cover. We discussed options and I was very happy with his work. I have contacted Yaron for additional inspections and repairs on my downspouts. I’d highly recommend Yaron and Solid Eavestrough.

    Randy MacBeth - ★★★★★

    Yaron was top notch. Explained everything. Competitive pricing for downspout service. Would highly recommend to others. Very prompt service!!

    D. Peetree - ★★★★★

    Strong wind dislodged the downspout on my home. Contacted Solid Eavestrough. Yaron was here and reconnected the downspout immediately and provided some advise on care and maintenance. Great job and thank you, W.

    WL - ★★★★★

    Last week’s snowfall took down a part of our eavestrough. We reached out very late on a Friday evening. Yaron replied early Sunday morning, and offered two different approaches to the repairs. He arrived mid-afternoon, completed the repairs quickly and efficiently. He was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Will definitely be keeping his card for when we inevitably have to replace the eaves.

    Sharron Volgyesi - ★★★★★

    Would highly recommend Solid Ea estrough. Yaron was very professional: on time, very knowledgeable, cleaned the eavestroughs using the appropriate equipment to prevent any damage, and made sure no mess was left behind. Reasonable price.

    SR LB - ★★★★★

    I contacted Solid Eavestrough to get a quote on repairing a disconnected downspout. I received a quick response and was able to get the repair quoted. I decided to move forward with the job and Yaron was able to schedule the job in quickly. He was on time and did an excellent job. He added additional a bracing to ensure that the downspout would not disconnect. I highly recommend Solid Eavestrough.

    Omar Echevers - ★★★★★

    Yaron from Solid Eavestrough is fantastic. We were hit by a wicked storm which partially ripped off the gutter and we were also leaving the country the next day. After contacting Yaron he promptly came and not only repaired the gutter but also cleaned them and did an inspection of all the gutters around the house. As new home owners we were grateful for Yaron’s professionalism 🙂

    Neil Sookhoo - ★★★★★

    Professional, caring, and prompt quality gutter cleaning and maintenance from Yaron! Simply a gentleman through and through doing the work. I called Yaron to help with our new home gutter system that was in much need for repairs and cleaning. Yaron showed up immediately and was able to fix everything within hours. So happy to have found him and his company! Thank you Yaron.

    Matiyar Rezaei - ★★★★★

    My family is immensely grateful for the incredible work Yaron from Solid Eavestrough did for us just yesterday evening! Over the weekend our downspout pipe had completely knocked off and we started our process of contacting contractors all over the city. Yaron was by far the most professional, and respectful person. While working, he actively went out of his way to make sure we were left with a fine quality service and made sure to patiently answer any questions we had. Without a doubt, I will be recommending him to all of my family and friends, but most importantly, I have found someone I will certainly utilize for the rest of life. The honest truth is that there aren’t many people like Yaron left. For quality service on your home and peace of mind, do yourself the favour and reach out to Yaron. Thank you again for your incredible work!

    Atheven Jeyakumaran - ★★★★★

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      One of Toronto’s defining features is its inclusive spirit. Despite its population’s vast array of backgrounds, the city embraces multiculturalism as a source of strength rather than division. Its numerous cultural festivals reflect this ethos, where people come together to share their heritage through music, dance, and cuisine. Whether it’s the Caribbean rhythms of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival or the dazzling displays of diversity at Pride Toronto, these events foster a sense of unity and belonging among residents, reinforcing Toronto’s reputation as a city where everyone is welcome.

      Toronto’s uniqueness also lies in its architectural landscape. From the iconic CN Tower piercing the skyline to the historic buildings of the Distillery District, the city seamlessly marries its past with its present, offering a glimpse into its evolution over the centuries. Meanwhile, ambitious urban development projects like revitalizing the waterfront and creating innovative green spaces demonstrate Toronto’s commitment to sustainability and forward-thinking design.

      Furthermore, Toronto stands out for its thriving arts and culture scene. As a hub of creativity and expression, the city boasts world-class museums, galleries, and theaters that showcase local talent and international works. From the Art Gallery of Ontario, home to a vast collection of Canadian art, to the vibrant street art adorning alleyways and buildings across the city, Toronto’s artistic landscape is as diverse as its population, reflecting myriad perspectives and voices.

      In essence, the uniqueness of Toronto lies in its ability to embrace diversity, celebrate culture, and foster a sense of belonging among its residents. With its welcoming spirit, dynamic energy, and unwavering commitment to progress, Toronto is a shining example of what a truly inclusive and multicultural city can achieve. As the world grapples with issues of division and polarization, Toronto serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the beauty and strength that arise when people from all walks of life unite in harmony.

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