Looking for a reliable eaves cleaning service in Thornhill?

Many homeowners in Thornhill understand that eavestrough cleaning is no easy assignment and they are right, it is far from being an easy home maintaining task. Failing to thoroughly flush out your eves troughs and clearing them of debris can cause the gutter to rust and harm your roof. Also this can caused water damage and stain on the edges of the wall around the house. Taking the time to properly cleaning your eaves is important and doing it often will help your home staying out of trouble in the wet season.

However, cleaning the eaves yourselves can be very risky due to the fact that your eaves are simply tough to get to. You need proper tools and accident such as falling from ladder can be disastrous. So hiring professional eavestrough cleaning service such as ours at Solid Eavestrough is recommended to handle the job.

We will help you with:

  • Preventing leaves, twigs or sediment building up
  • Installing guards to help prevent future damage
  • Upgrading eavestrough for more modern styles
  • Protection from harm due to wind or heavy storms

Why use our eaves cleaning service?

If your eavestrough become clogged or broken, it could potentially direct rainwater to different parts of your home such as drywall, basement, or different areas, resulting in costly damages. In this scenario you will actually need to act quickly. It is best to restrain from trying to fix the problem yourselves as much as it tempting you to do so. Take no chances by hiring us to make sure the job done get done properly the first time to save you the time and money in the future. We have all the tools and the experience of performing the service successfully many times.

A small problem can lead to major leakage and crack, holes or worst that result in heavy water damage to not just your wall but other parts of the house. We offer a complete eaves cleaning service that you need to control and fixed the current damage as well as prevent future damage.

Solid Eavestrough service also helps keep our clients on a schedule and provides a maintenance contract for our eaves cleaning service so you never have to worry about the state of your eavestrough. This allows you to rest assured that your regular maintenance is on Solid Eavestrough service’s calendar and that we are staying on top of regular cleaning and upkeep.

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Don’t wait for your eavestrough to back up and let Solid Eavestrough take care of the regular maintenance for you!

What our clients say about our work?

I recently connected with Yaron at Solid Eavestrough after having a bad experience with another company. He was able to come and provide me with a quote to put on a new downspout and did the work that day. He showed me every step of the way, asked the proper questions and I even feel good that if I need something done again – he will help. GREAT service, GREAT qualify and cleaned up everything! I would 100% recommend this company!

Amy Bell

Had a leaking issues in a few different sections and after long frustration following a good friend`s recommendation I contacted Solid Eavestrough and they showed w/ the crew; in the same day came and worked out the problems very efficiently and neatly. I was afraid I’ll have to change and replace all the gutters around my house but surprisingly they managed to fix everything and also the price was very decent. Will get back to these guys in the future for SURE


Yaron and Solid Eavestrough is the way to go. Honest, fair, reliable, and careful. I’ve used Yaron for years. Today when he came, Yaron assessed exactly what I needed and Jay did a great job executing his instructions. Such a pleasure to know I can rely on a contractor! I wish he did electrical, plumbing, masonry, and renos…If he did, I’d just use Solid Eavestrough for everything.

Shaindy Karen