How to disconnect your downspout correctly

Disconnecting these is fairly simple. The idea is to reroute the water to drain onto your own property. While the job is simple the instruction are not quite public knowledge. Contact us today and get your downspout disconnected the right way!


Preparation for the job is essential and possibly the most difficult part. First you will want to inspect the current spout and pipe for a few details. You need to be aware of the shape and dimensions of the pipe, color of the spout and which direction you want to run the water if your pipe is rectangle. Lastly you will measure the width of the sewer opening. Once you have this information head down to your hardware store.

At the store you will need a small laundry list, grab a cart! First off find the section where the pipe is located. Grab the same shape and size pipe and make sure it is about three feet long. You will also need the pipe bracket or “corner”. Make sure that the pipe bracket faces the direction desired if your pipe is rectangular. The ease and professional tools will be a pipe crimper and screws (grab an automatic drill if you are without). Finally, purchase a pipe capper for the exposed sewer opening.

The Job

The job should take around 15 minutes. Measure the point at which you want the bracket to be placed and cut through the pipe there. Most homes will have a hacksaw that makes quick work of this material. Make sure to hold onto the bottom section so it does not fall to the sewer.

Once this is removed you may grab your crimpers. Crimp the corners of the remaining pipe hole so that you can easily slide the bracket over it. Place the bracket over the old pipe and face it in the direction you desire the water to run. Drill a screw through each corner of the new pipe into the old as to secure a long lasting connection.

Now you can add the longer pipe piece onto the other end of the bracket. Once again screw this in place to secure. Now you are almost done! Place the cap over the sewer opening and call it a day.

Extra Concerns

These are a few extra lengths to take your mind to when completing this job. Make sure that the drain spout ends downhill or far enough from your home where the water will not run back. Water will pool around your foundation and weaken the structure of your home. Eventually seeping through into your basement. Make sure that the pipes are secure. If done the right way you will never have to consider the pipes again! You will also have proper drainage that stops all blockages.

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