Downspout disconnection – Do it the right way?

You may have noticed a pipe leading form your roof into the ground. This is called a downspout. These downspouts run from your eaves trough along the roof down to a pipe leading into the city sewer system. The point to these mechanisms is to catch your roof water and channel it into the sewers.

There has been a major issue with this lately. It is quite common for sewer systems to get overfilled when the rain starts to pour. This old system allows for every property to add to the problem. Disconnecting these downspouts has become high priority in most cities around the world especially in Richmond Hill.

Disconnecting these is fairly simple. The idea is to reroute the water to drain onto your own property. While the job is simple the instruction are not quite public knowledge. Contact us today and get your downspout disconnected the right way!

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What our clients say about our work?

Yaron was quick, clear and very professional. He responded and was able to come out very quickly and he got the job done quickly and cleanly. He was very fair with his price and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this service

Robbie - Toronto

Excellent service. Arranged to come earlier in the day as a nasty storm was brewing for the appointment planned in the afternoon. Explained the job he was going to do. Would recommend them 100%.

Margaret Kennedy - Toronto

We woke up Sunday morning to a flooding kitchen caused by severely blocked downspout/eaves. Yaron arrived within an hour and fixed the problem. Was very prompt, efficient and professional. Would highly recommend.

Homeowner - Toronto