Emergency Downspout Repair Services in Toronto and the GTA

A worn-out or broken downspout is nothing to ignore. In fact, it can become a big problem, leaving your house’s foundation, exterior, and landscaping vulnerable to severe water damage. At Solid Eavestrough in Toronto, ON, we offer specialist downspout repair services designed to restore the entire use of your system and protect your home from the devastating effects of rainwater.

Don’t Neglect Those Downspouts

Solid Eavestrough knows the vital role your home’s downspout system plays in preserving your home’s structural integrity and value. When rainwater is not efficiently routed away from your home, it can pool around your base, compromising its integrity and causing serious damage to your landscaping. That’s why our team of gutter specialists provides prompt, professional gutter downspout repair service when you need it.

If your downspouts are not functioning correctly, don’t subject your house to another rainy day. Contact us today for a repair estimate quote and enjoy the protection of a fully functioning system.

Re-Locating Your Downspouts

If your downspout installed in a high traffic area of the house and you wish to relocate it, we could help you with that. There may also be cases where the home has had an add-on, or a new deck has been added to the house, and the spout now needs to be relocated due to that reason. When transferring the spout, remember that you may need to re-pitch the gutters for proper drainage. Irrespective of the reason, we have the experience and the staff available to assist you with your next job.

Re-Securing Your Downspouts

Downspouts do get loose from time; this could be a result of extreme weather patterns and condition where you live, age, or the consequence of being installed in high traffic areas. Whatever the cause of your downspout is coming loose or falling off, it can usually be repaired or reattached with a few straightforward steps. You can fix them, or if you live in Toronto & the GTA, you can contact us for a free quote.

What homeowners in Toronto & the GTA say about us

Yaron reconfigured my downspout to alleviate the problem of water overflowing off the side of my exterior wall. He is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and provides a fair priced timely service. Highly recommended by a delighted customer.

Ken T - Toronto

Yaron just finished disconnecting the downspout on my eaves-troughs and did a very efficient, quick job at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!

Tim O - Toronto

My downspout was missing and the water was running down the side of my wall. My exterior wall was always damp. As well whenever it was raining our the ice was thawing when I would walked out of my front door, I would need an umbrella to … More

Eli Reinstein - Toronto