Gutter Cleaning Service in Etobicoke

We handle residential and commercial gutter cleaning and gutter repair needs in the Etobicoke area. We are are very familiar with this wonderful city and the surrounding areas.

We are fully insured with Workers Compensation and our Business policy. (A quick note… never hire any service person to work on your home that does not have the proper insurance. If they get hurt on your property they may have to sue you to pay their medical bills!)

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We strive to be the most friendly and professional local gutter cleaning company out there. I guarantee our work 100% to your satisfaction!

Etobicoke has so many different types of trees and each tree affects your gutter system differently. Honey locust have small leaves but a large amount of seeds, pine trees with needles and Cottonwoods with big leaves and of course that cotton can clog any system up. The combination of these trees losing their leaves and branches, the springtime rains and melting winter snow that are common in Etobicoke Toronto makes getting your gutter system cleaned on a regular basis very important. We clean your gutters and make sure your downspouts are clear also. We can perform any needed gutter repairs while we are at your home and if we can not we will suggest an expert who can.

Most people think of trees losing their leaves in the fall. While this is correct, trees such as Cottonwoods, Honey Locusts, even fruit trees will shed their blossoms, seed pods, apples, cherries and of course leaves throughout the year. I encounter dead birds, squirrel nests, toys, rocks, beer bottles and cans. I often see construction debris remaining in the gutters after a new roof was installed. When you have a asphault shingle roof installed it is important to have your gutters cleaned after a year. The shingles lose a large amount of shingle gravel when they are installed and the rain and snow will wash that into your gutters. It is too heavy to flow through the gutter system and if it sits too long in the bottom it can erode the gutters. It is important to have that shingle gravel cleaned out of the gutters. It is really amazing what gets up there. Trust me, all we do is clean gutters. I have seen it all!

Leaf clogged rain gutters and downspouts will not work properly

This can lead to a number of problems including flooding, molds, mosquito and water damage in and around your home. I always see the foundations on bungalows or Victorian homes settling due to rain water pouring right next to the house. The wood siding or wood accents on your home can rot out with rain water dripping on them. Keeping the gutters clean, directing that water away from the house and ultimately preventing these problems is much more cost effective than repairing damage after the fact.

We are skilled and able to handle most any rain gutter cleaning circumstance

From the easy walk-able ranch or bungalow roofs ( from a ladder or off the roof) to the steepest of Victorian roof slopes (from a ladder or we sometimes will rope off and repel down to clean the gutters) we can help! Even those unique situations that are all too common in older cities. I recently cleaned the gutters on a 2 story Victorian style home in which the gutters from the neighbor’s house were hanging over and the rain water was draining into their gutters. I had to straddle the two roofs to clean that gutter.

Always remember to ask anyone cleaning your gutters if they have cleaned the downspouts too. If the downspouts are still clogged with debris the system will not drain the rain water out properly.

Why use us?

We are safe, experienced and use the proper gutter cleaning tools. We are a professional gutter cleaning service, and avoid the dangers of being on a ladder and possibly getting injured.

What our customers say about us

Yaron was very professional and courteous. He walked us through all that he was going to do and took before/after pictures to show us. What we really appreciated was how communicative he was and how easy he made the whole process. I would 100% trust and recommend Solid Eavestrough.

M Bechara - Toronto

Job well done, professional, courteous. Yaron was punctual and knew his work. Also whilst cleaning the gutters, advised will let me know if he sees any issues with the roof so that I can get it fixed by roofer. Reasonably priced. Will do business again and will not hesitate to recommend.

Khurram T - North York

Yaron and his assistant Jade did an excellent job. They were efficient, very pleasant to do business with, and completed the job in the time the Yaron said it would take. I have already recommended Solid Eavestrough to some of my neighbours, who hired them, and had the same good experience I did.

Paul Appleby - Toronto