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While gutters are clogged, the effectiveness of the system is dramatically decreased, that may in turn bring the issue of water flowing at the back or the front of the gutter which if left untreated will leak water into your home. This small trouble will grow to be a mile large and a long way greater steeply-priced problem for you.

Furthermore, clogged, broken or leaky gutters and downspouts may be a real nightmare and overflow can create expensive and unsightly harm to the roof, siding, indoors and basement of your house.

As the trusted gutter cleaning service in Thorn Hill for the last 15+ years, we have helped many homeowners keeping their gutter cleaned and free of problem with our professional service.

We are fully insured with Workers Compensation and our Business policy. (A quick note… never hire any service person to work on your home that does not have the proper insurance. If they get hurt on your property they may have to sue you to pay their medical bills!)

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Why Clean Your Gutter?

Clogs and overflows in the winter season is not only create ice dams but also can permit water to enter your outside constructing walls or foundation and damage your property from the inside. Our professional gutter cleaning, repair and maintenance is vital to keeping the maintaining cost and the longevity of any residential or commercial property. We understand that preserving your gutters and down pipes clean and in excellent running condition will guard your property from potentially critical water damage right now and other unforeseen problem in the future.

How Our Gutter Cleaning Service Will Benefit You?

If you think a few leaves and twigs on your gutters are innocent, think again. Proper gutter cleaning is the unmarried most essential key to warding off principal and costly home upkeep in the future.

Gutters perform one duty: controlling the water around your house. If unwanted particles prevent gutters from doing their activities, you could get caught up with some severe troubles such as:

  • Leaking gutters
  • Rotten wooden material
  • Slippery sidewalks
  • Cracked drive ways
  • Bacteria settled
  • Washed out landscaping and cracked foundations
  • …just to name a few.

It’s fairly important that you check gutters periodically. Any signs of clogging like over-flowing in a rainstorm, contact us as soon as possible to get the problem taken care of.

What our customers say about us

Yip Top Eaves were very professional and courteous. They walked us through all that they were going to do and took before/after pictures to show us. What we really appreciated was how communicative they were and how easy they made the whole process. I would 100% trust and recommend Solid Eavestrough.

M Bechara

Job well done, professional, courteous. Solid Eavestrough were punctual and knew their work. Also not only they will be cleaning the gutters, they said they will also advise and let me know if they see any issues with the roof so that I can get it fixed by a roofer. Reasonably priced. Will do business again and will not hesitate to recommend.

Khurram T

Yaron and his assistant Jade did an excellent job. They were efficient, very pleasant to do business with, and completed the job in the time the Yaron said it would take. I have already recommended Solid Eavestrough to some of my neighbours, who hired them, and had the same good experience I did.

Paul Appleby - Toronto