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It is very important for every house owners in Thorn Hill to get his or her gutter checked several times a year by our professional gutter repair and installation experts. What if you have not yet had a gutter installed in your household? Both you and your home are in danger of facing water problems and issues created due to leakage and spoilage. As a house owner you must be mindful of the fact that you must have a proper gutter system that ought to protect your roof, the out surface of your house and stay away from the foundations of your home, and accordingly you should do something about it. For this, first of all you need to find a distinguished and eminent gutter installation company. We are at Solid Eavestrough is the trusted company for residents and businesses in Thorn Hill for over the last 15+ yrs.

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How We Work

You will see that when you are getting your gutter system installed by us, our crew will safely place the hangers and start to hook up either your traditional open gutter system or the closed gutter system that will prevent debris and other objects from entering into the gutter.

We admit that gutters are not the most imploring part of your household but when you work with us, we will provide you with options for design and ways you can have your gutters painted so as to enhance the look of your house, make it a little bit more appealing as well as setting up the proper gutter system that will protect your house. Having a new gutter system service installed in your house is beneficial for two main reasons:

  • 1. In the seasons of spring and summer, the weather varies a bit. If you already have a gutter system installed, its aluminum will eventually deteriorate with time; the flying debris, minerals and rain will eventually damage your gutter system.
  • 2. Your old sagging system will not drain properly, it will probably get blocked and clogged by the branches, leaves and debris and will swell up the sides, which will cause the excess to be spilled on your property.

While choosing a gutter system and the material of which it should made, you can choose from a few different types of material. You can choose from:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic

There is a problem with plastic and vinyl gutter systems, they cannot last long and especially if your home is located and established in an area that gets plenty of rain throughout the year. Aluminum is perfect if you want to design and varnish your gutter system according to your house. Copper is the most expensive of all the materials used in these systems. But if you break down the total costs that will occur once your gutter systems have been installed and are in use, perhaps you will discover that copper is the most economical of them all. Even though the initial cost is high, the expenses in long term are less than by any other material used. There are as seamless gutters that can be installed, the initial cost is much high than the rest, but they do not need to be serviced, cleaned and repaired as often as others do.

Whatever your gutter installation need is, give us a call today and choose the right option for your unique needs.

What our clients say about our work?

Solid Eavestrough were quick, clear and very professional. Thry responded and were able to come out very quickly and they got the job done quickly and cleanly. They were very fair with his price and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this service


Excellent service. Arranged to come earlier in the day as a nasty storm was brewing for the appointment planned in the afternoon. Explained the job they was going to do. Would recommend them 100%.

Margaret Kennedy

We woke up Sunday morning to a flooding kitchen caused by severely blocked downspout/eaves. Yaron from Solid Eavestrough arrived within an hour and fixed the problem. Was very prompt, efficient and professional. Would highly recommend.